Better gut health

At Nom Nom, we are committed to improving the health of pets everywhere. In particular, we're interested in understanding issues in the digestive system in order to develop better solutions for GI issues. We've recruited extensively in order to build a large database of dogs and cats with gut health concerns, allowing us to ask questions about these conditions. In addition to discovering associated risk factors, we are also able to investigate the most effective solutions.

Case study: Do probiotics decrease the frequency of diarrhea?

When we looked at whether taking probiotics decreased the frequency of diarrhea in all cats and dogs with chronic diarrhea, we found no difference between those that took probiotics and those that did not. However, when we looked specifically at the subset of cats and dogs with a gastrointestinal issue, we found that frequent diarrhea decreased from 40% to 36% with probiotics. If we hadn't examined the subset of pets with gastrointestinal issues, we would have wrongly concluded that probiotics had no effect on diarrhea. Not only does this show the importance of having a substantial number of clinically affected pets in our database, it allows for more personalized treatment of diarrhea.

Because of this and some other hints in our data we decided to run a placebo-controlled study to determine whether probiotic use could prevent onset of diarrhea, and the results were pretty clear.