Apparent total tract nutrient digestibility and metabolizable energy estimation in commercial fresh and extruded dry kibble dog foods

<p><strong>◦ Our findings:</strong> We demonstrated that the digestibility (apparent total tract digestibility of dry matter, protein, fat, nitrogen-free extract, and calories) of a kibble diet with a comparable macronutrient profile was significantly lower than Nom Nom’s fresh diets. The results also suggest that canine fresh diets should be assessed using calculations similar to those used in human nutrition (standard Atwater factors). </p>
<p><strong>◦ Why is it important?</strong> While commercial fresh diets are rapidly gaining in popularity, there is a somewhat limited understanding of their digestibility and metabolizable energy, both of which are crucial measures when planning a diet regime. Our findings expand the knowledge on these two measures for Nom Nom fresh food and others similar to it. </p>