The microbiota of healthy dogs demonstrates individualized responses to synbiotic supplementation in a randomized controlled trial.

• Our findings: This study demonstrates the ability of our Nom Nom Full Spectrum Probiotics for Dogs to impact the gut microbiome of healthy pet dogs. We found a significant enrichment of probiotic strains, among other beneficial bacteria, after four weeks of probiotic use. Interestingly, the magnitude of microbial shift was also associated with the composition of the gut microbiome before beginning the study, and the gut microbiome also largely returned to baseline two weeks after stopping the probiotics. Dogs given the probiotics also tended to have lower diarrhea incidence, which we talk about more in-depth here.

• Why is it important? The role of probiotics in health maintenance and the effect on healthy dogs is poorly understood, and these findings advance our knowledge. Also, we observed that the magnitude of response to the supplement was associated with microbial profile at baseline. To our knowledge, this is the first study documenting such an effect in companion dogs, and increased understanding of this will help pave the way for more personalized treatments for all pets.