Heterogeneity of gut microbial responses in healthy household dogs transitioning from an extruded to a mildly cooked diet

◦ Our findings: In this study, healthy dogs switched from various brands of kibble to Nom Nom’s fresh diet for four weeks. Pet parents all reported either improvement or no change in health, and the diet change led to a significant shift in the gut microbial composition. Interestingly, the magnitude of the microbial shift was associated with baseline gut microbiota as well as baseline dietary protein content.

◦ Why is it important? The gut microbiota is associated with canine health in numerous ways, and can be heavily affected by diet. Fresh diets have become increasingly popular in the U.S. but their impact on the microbiome and overall health remains largely unknown. Our findings help lay the groundwork for an understanding of both, and may provide a basis for personalized nutrition in pet dogs.