Longitudinal fecal microbiome and metabolite data demonstrate rapid shifts and subsequent stabilization after an abrupt dietary change in healthy adult dogs

<strong>◦ Our findings:</strong> In this study the gut microbiome and metabolite profiles of healthy adult dogs were monitored for two weeks following a diet change to either a high-fiber or protein-rich diet. The diversity and composition of the microbiome were found to shift within days of a diet change, stabilizing around day six. Likewise metabolite profiles were found to dramatically change and stabilize within only a few days following a diet change. The findings also indicate functional changes in the gut microbiome resulted from a diet change. Key microbe-metabolite relationships were also identified that were unique to the high-fiber and protein-rich diets.<br /> <strong>◦ Why is it important?</strong> While we know that diet change results in changes in the gastrointestinal environment of dogs, how quickly these changes occur and stabilize had previously not been well studied. This study highlights that drastic changes occur within days of diet change, stabilize well within a two-week time frame, and are unique to diet type.