• Data at NOM NOM

    The data that pet parents choose to share with us via our online health assessments and microbiome testing kit not only inform personalized care for our food and supplement customers, but advance scientific research in pet health, benefitting dogs and cats around the world.
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  • A leader in pet health

    At Nom Nom we're pioneering new modes of scientific inquiry. We have collected one of the largest datasets of cat and dog health information, not just in the industry space, but in the world. And we're analyzing that data with cutting-edge machine learning models developed by our in-house team of researchers. Our approach has already yielded novel insights that would be difficult — or even impossible — to discover with conventional methods, and we're just getting started.
  • Digital health assessments

    At Nom Nom, we are taking survey data to the next level with our expert-validated health assessments and our best-in-class free digital reports.
  • The magic of microbiology

    Data collection through Nom Nom's microbiome kit drives new personalized discoveries in gut bacteria composition, function, and more.
  • One-of-a-kind technical capabilities

    Our proprietary database and streamlined data pipeline — developed here at Nom Nom — set us apart from our competitors in terms of accuracy, reliability, and speed.
  • Machine learning

    We use — and develop — cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms for sample analysis, research, and personalization.
  • Focus on fresh

    Research at Nom Nom is poised to best understand the health effects of new and emerging trends in pet food.
  • Better gut health

    Understanding gastrointestinal health issues — and testing interventions — is a major focus of research and product development at Nom Nom.
  • An ongoing relationship

    Our loyal and engaged customer base paves the way for better, faster, more reliable science. We remind our users to update their health assessment surveys every six months so that we can track the effects of different diet and lifestyle choices over time. This means that we can collect longitudinal data instead of relying solely on cross-sectional data. Furthermore, we can reach out to specific pet owners to ask them to participate in additional surveys or studies based on their previous survey answers.