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It's simple. We send you a kit, you collect a stool sample and send it back our way. Within weeks, we'll provide you with all sorts of insights about your pet's health that even your vet couldn't.


Your pet's microbiome almost says it all. It's the bustling, complex environment made of trillions of microorganisms that live inside their gut. And it's the key to better overall health and better understanding of your dog's unique sensitivities, health issues and nutritional needs.


Our kit comes with an easy-to-read microbiome assessment featuring nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations based on your pet's results and average breed comparisons, so you can make better decisions before, after and during mealtime.

Nom Nom Dog & Cat at-Home Microbiome Testing Kit - Essential Cat and Dog Supplies Gut Health Report - Healthy and Active Pets - Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations
$ 90 00
  • ESSENTIAL DOG AND CAT SUPPLIES: Your pet's gut microbiome is an important contributor to their overall health. Nom Nom's at-home cat accessories and dog accessories testing kit is developed by our veterinarian and microbiology experts. Understand your pet’s microbiome, with real insights on their unique needs!

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